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How to restocked online for Japan and Korea stationery?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-06


Supply is the most concern for stationery shopkeeper.But,most of businessmen are walks into the erroneous zone.They thought they can rest easy once find the good supply of products.In fact,besides the supply,how to save the time and the momey also very important for stationery suppliers.Because a lot of students like the Korea stationery,this kind of student stationery has become the first selection for many stationery suppliers.
First,Don't deliberately to pursue the factory
Many stationery companies to sell out with the high price though the middle channel such as agent or distributors.In fact, there is a few expense in every cycle,it is profit by quantity.So that there is the advantage price.And after the quality control of stationery factory,most of consumer can accept the higher price.
Second,take careful to identify the picture
Nowadays, there are a lot of stationery wholesale website use the "real shot" picture.It is need the stationery shopkeeper take careful of picture because of they are some stationery suppliers to use the picture down from other website.
Third,look more and compare more
The advantage of online shop wholesales is price.And various kinds of stationery tyep.It don't need to take long distances to purchase.But it is hard to identify the quality of products.Because we can't touch it anymore.So that it is necessary to pay more attention to do more comparison.
Fourth, Select safe payment
It is necessary to choose a safe way for payment at first time to purchase.And absolutely not pay before the goods reach.But after the reach goods,you should to pay timely.It is good for your cooperation.
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