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Three Key Words of The Development in Stationery Industry : technology, quality and brand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-08


         With the development of stationery industry and people's strengthen awareness of low-carbon, the stationery products have increasingly favored by the market and consumer ,and it is fit for the future developing direction of the stationery industry .However ,with the increasing competition and  the impact of national regulatory policies, the companies want to extend their lifeline to obtain long-term sustainable development is not an easy thing.
         Lepusheng stationery summed up that they should adhere to national standards with their over ten years of experience .On this basis,it  will  be possible to achieve sustainable development of stationery with the  three areas of work , these three areas are : First, advanced technology. Two, excellent quality,.Three, a good brand image.
         Core technology is the key to competitiveness
         Stationery enterprise which  in order to expand their advantage , maintain lasting and high-speed development, they must not be behind closed doors, what they have to do is looking  farther,  to absorb and digest more advanced technology.
         Only constantly evolving technology can ensure quality and it  is simply to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.Continue to rely on the price pressure just can only make the stationery market fell into a vicious cycle of competition.So only the stationery enterprises  have their own techniques, they can  enhance their advantage in the fierce market competition and  provide a better guarantee for the development of corporate stationery.
          Compare with  the international level of product design ,China stationery exist in a gap. The yuan and rising raw materials also make Chinese stationery in a fade state of exhaustion in the competition and the future development will be even more brutal.Nowadays ,consumer's awareness of the brand has become increasingly intense, if we still holding the old business ideas of earning a little bit more, then we will be eliminated by the industry sooner or later. 
          Quality is a prerequisite for all development
          Quality is a prerequisite for all development, if it lack of quality assurance, any development can only be a fantasy. In stationery industry, if  we exchange the  quality for the  advantage of price, the vicious competition will make the inferior products stationery as good  and damage to consumers, but also not conducive to the establishment of corporate brand . In the stationery industry ,many stationery companies have reduced timber standards, to take tactical of price in this market crisis, but they  should be maintained and even improved the standard of materials, select  high-quality materials and  use of advanced environmentally friendly green concept. Only in this way they can  meet more needs  of the consumers in this  modern life. 
         With brand-building to ensure the sustained development of the enterprise
        Stationery market today is  from the regional to the country, with quality assurance and technical support, complete brand strategy planning is indispensable.  Brand represents the company's image, but also the direct communication between businesses and consumers, in order to win the trust of consumers for the first time, brand building is essential.
         In the stationery branding , we should first focus on brand building in strategic planning, but not blindly follow other brands, to clarify direction of development of ourselves , and has our own unique value to create a brand identity system.Secondly, is to pay attention to defining consumer groups.
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