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China stationery industry should pay attention to brand construction and regional influence

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-29

Due to influence of the rapid development of stationery production technology and labor force price, the developed countries have make the medium and low grade product transfer to the third country.And only leave some production of high value-added products.In recent years,developed countries have designed based on the easy assembly and safe environmental protection.With the characteristic of time and innovative are more welcome by the market.


According to professional personage analysis, Chinese stationry industry has become a big stationery country thourht almost 30 years.Joined the WTO,as the import tariff reduction,there are lots of  foreign high-quality stationery proudcts into China.Chinese stationery enterprises has facing  transformation of the stationery power country.It needs to imporve the  brand construction and should to pay more attention to the build the regional industry.


Chinese stationery exports amount only earn 5% of total  amount .It is not only the problem of scientific and technological,but also about the brand problems.It is includes very kind of problem such as service,credit and so on.How to create China brand to the market,it is what we need to solve urgently.As joined the WTO,a large number of international famous brands will into the china market.So that we need to do well by ourselves.


Stationery industry production and the marketing development should be conform to the trend of the domestic and turing to internationalization,and with new marketing to improve the enterprise development.At present,there is none of international brand in the domestic market.The stationery production cluster such as Ningbo or Shantou,although well-known in the domestic,it still belongs to China.It isn't the internet brand.Belivee in there are will appearing more and more China stationery products in international after a period of hard work.


China is a vast landscape and the difference in the development condition.There is also difference in the line of stationery indstry.It is not only about situation of China,but also the characteristics of Chinese stationery indsutry.At present, Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta have become the fastest-growing area in China.For other domestic stationery industrial centers,should to know there are the competition as well as development.But the development of stationery industry must keep benign competition between each other.It is good for the regions stationery industry to imporve adn increase the economic.The marketing should be combined with the local demend and the industry development.It is same in stationery market and the trend in the development of socialist market economy.


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