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India international office supplies trade exposition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-03

【Exhibition information 】

Show time: 2014-2
The exhibition period: an annual one
Host regions: Asia - India - mumbai
Industry: office/toys/gifts/consumer products- office supplies

【Background information】

IISOF is the biggest international stationery office supplies exhibition in India.It is the most popular gift fair and most valuable fair in India.It also an indicator of India gift stationery industry. It has been

successfully held the 24th.It is provide the high quality to the gifts fair.There are the best buyer and best supplier in the fair.
India is located in Eurasia center with the superior geographical position.It is attracted a large mumber of visitor from continental Europe, middle east and eastern European.  Indian economy is getting

globalization.And there are the broad potential market for China.This fair become the best way to do business negotiations for China.
There are over 25000 people and over 50000 type of products in last fair.According to an official investigation, there are 91% vistiter are  satisfied with the fair.And 73% of them would be recommended the
fair to they business partner.82% of them said then they would like to attend the next.

【Exhibition range】

Craft gifts:silverware, jewelry box, video games, toys, dolls, decorative fabric;

Home supplies: table supplies, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, storage utensils,small appliances;

Electronic equipment:household decoration, indoor furniture including dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, swimming pool, garden, etc.Home textiles such as bedroom, bathroom, meals Hall
with textiles, towels, carpets, household fabrics.

Office supplies:Notebooks, stationery, and various paper products; pencils, pens, office supplies and school teaching equipment, office equipment, sports goods.

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