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115 Canton fair: low carbon environmental protection become the main melody ,office stationery need to change for it

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-06


        The 115th Canton fair phase 3 exhibition is on display.Low carbon, environmental protection and green decoration is a major highlight of this session of the Canton fair.In February, 2014, the ministry of commerce issued "The notice of  green development plan in the Canton fair", the plan shows that we should take full implementation of green development  in the Canton fair .The green development plan mainly includes: promote green decoration, to ensure that the  green penetration rate of booth in115th Canton fair reached 50%, and try to steadily improve the penetration rate;Encourage green exhibition;Advocate green meetings, and build up green pavilion.




         According to data from the plan of green development this period , the ratio of green booth of phase I and ii  reached 49.83%, there are totally 58 booths got the honorary title of  "green outfit award" .From the special decoration plate ,the waste of phase I and ii decreased by 10% and 12.3% than the same period last year  respectively, so that the pollution and harmful gas emissions decreased significantly, then the efficiency improved.


         Implementation of green development plan, fully embodies that ministry of commerceg has a deeply understanding of the current and future trends .In the current  situation of promoting the building of ecological civilization, the development trend of China's exhibition industry will  pay more attention to green, low carbon, environmental protection.Adapt to the situation and the implementation of green development, it is  particularly important  to the office stationery manufacturer.


         Look from the exhibition, many stationery manufacturer introduce lots of environmental protection stationery,but due to the cost of environmental protection products will be 10% higher than ordinary products , so that buyers will accept even you offer a few higher, then the influence of companies offer will be much smaller  under the changes of exchange rate .From the impact point of view, the green environmental protection is the trend of the times, the "green design" is graduall appears in the stationery field .Therefor ,the transformation of office stationery is coming.


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