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Do The Consumers Know There Are So Much Fake Stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-11

        It is self-evident the stationery products have a broad market prospects , it  allows a lot of stationery manufacturers rushed to launch new products.  However,there are lots of fake stationeries  and high imitation products in this launch of new products ,  which led to the development of poor and non-market competition order, so it make a lot of re-creation of stationery maker got a headache of it .



        Nowadays, the cottage stationery in the market such as small paper clips, large stationery cabinet, it always  has a shadow existence.  So many cottage products make consumers unableto  tell which is genuine.  Lepusheng stationery inevitably be copied, let's take a look at the difference between these products and authentic cottage:


        As can be seen from the figure, though they are not exactly the same, but the packaging and  names are the same, this visual confusion will affect consumers' judgment, missed authentic stationery, and it also will do harm to the  marketing of  Lepusheng Brand , and  hit the  self-developed passion of manufacturers   Why cottage stationery so popular?  Insiders said that they despise design and puts a high value  on imitation in stationery market , and this is almost become an open secret. Rapid development of economic inspired unprecedented market demand, stationery business and enterprises grow quickly with the development of the times .  Stationery changed from a purely consumer goods to a combined mode of varieties of sales and design elements , which gives rise to so many small business workshops and the no copycat products.

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