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Shopping online getting bigger than traditional stores

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-25


With the developing of shopping online,we can see that there are many stationery shores be affected.Especially at two years,stationery shopping is drive hotter and hotter.Most of whit-collar or young parents are keen to shopping on this way.So that many stationery banker weather well-know or not were began to do the online buseinss.
The tax revenue,rent, employees spend are the invest costs for entity shop.By constrast,open a shop online is more easy and cheap.So that the price of same proudcts should be different for two place.
Online shop not only good for proudcts
Most of stationery shopkeeper said that they have the both shop online and offline.Although the price of online shop as well as offline, the sales of online shop is bigger that the entity shop in fact.The biggest reason is becuase most of young people are stop at home and too lazy to purchase.
On the other hand, the stationery shop getting more are more mature.We can find the design,colorful and the item number online,can do the bargaining.Most of conusmers thinks that the price of online shop should more cheaper.
Quality and credibility are the keys
Nowdays,there are more and more online shops with intense competition.How to follow up the market trand and do the online shopping.It is brings new challenges to a traditional operator.
Quality and credibility is the life for online shop or entity shop.There are the post in BBS that the shopkeeper has opened a shop online in 2008.There was poor business at the beginning.But after sometime, the business is better and better after gained the credibility.
He selled the novel stationery.Because there are various kinds of student stationery in his shop,sometimes he could gain ten thousands yuan in a month.He said that,not matter to open online shop or no.The quality and the credibility are key point for shopkeeper.
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