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How to find the supply of statinery on Alibaba?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-04


To find the stationery online in China.Most of peopler will immediately think of Alibaba.(The big B2B wesite in China).It is no doubt that the good platform for the businessmen.For many stationery suppliers, Alibaba is the very convenient way for them.
The main advantage of Alibaba are: first, there are much information,we can search a large amount of information;second, it is very fast to gain anything,you just learn how to search;third,the pirce is cheap of every items.
So, how to quickly find the best stationery suppy on Alibaba?
First,Make clear goal
You should to know the item No., item specification or other information about this product.Then to search the supplier who has the high quality.For example,to find out the hot sell korea style correction tape,you only to publish a buy inquiry on Alibaba.Try to described in detail, then the suppliers will actively looking for you.Additional,you also can search the stationery or office suppliers through key work.
Second, shop around
Due to the visional of the Internet,the credibility of shop is more important then the stationery price,stationery quality and the quantity.To view the evaluation of suppliers and make sure it whether the member of Alibaba or not.Or try to contant with them via E-mail.To know more about the Tel number and the address.
Three, to participate in the Internation goods fair
Alibaba has began to open the commodity fair since in May,2012.The attendance can contant with the superior stationery factories.It is good for businessmen to gain the low price from stationery manufacturers.It is not only can touch the real stationery prodcuts but also can purchase quickly with low price.
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