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Three new stationery brand marketing direction

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-30

Market has been the foundation of the stationery enterprise.In order to become the lead of market development,the enterprisers also pay much attation.But there is not obvious effect.The industry experts said that there are trousands of stationery factory in current China,more that 200 brand enterprise,and it is growing.The rapid developmnet is make phenomenon in the termianl market.If the stationery enterpriser still keep expand in the traditional stationery.The market will be explode at any time like a brall full of air.

It is important for for stationery enterprises in vaious development.It is an important part of the stationery brand building,Lepusheng stationery showing the three new direction for the staionery brand as followes:

Custom office supplies in stationery market

The first key of expand is to turn to the custome office supplies production,Thi is a opportunities to turn to new model from tradition market.Under this process,enterprise turn from the stationery sales to the custom office supplies.Frist of all, should adjust the mentality,second,to ensure the product's quality once provided to other complay or as brand display.Although there is the bright future in the custom office supplies market,most of stationery manufacturers has took the large share in this makret.It is no easy to take the share for othere enterprise.

Gift stationery market

Gift market,with the changed of the gifts ideas in recent years.The customers have advocating the practical life from the traditional toys,clothing or the statioery product.Gift stationery just meet the coustomer's demand and become the first choice in practical.

Cartoon stationery market

Coopertation with other industry has been common in the stationery industry.It is common occurance whether with animation or cartoon characters.In recent years, there are many stationery brand are coopertation with the popular cartoon and become a new stationery products.It is very popular in the coustomers.And it become the new trend in the development of stationery enterpirse.

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