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Student sationery enterprises to get the balance right in rising cost

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-03

With the rising prices of stationery manufacturing,and the profits of student stationery also getting reduction.Students stationery enterprise how to deal with a series problems under the rising cost?At present,rise price is inevitable.Under the currency inflation,the main problems is not whether to rise price or no,but when and how.Of course, rise price is not a solo show for the enterprise.In fact,the sccess rise cost is the the result of the game with the consumer and  opponent,the most important of them is to play with competitors.

Currency inflation will lead to the rising costs,even so,the price of prouduct is not decided by the enterprise,Enterprise should make the rise price as a strategic decision.To reach or achieve something through inflation of prices.And there are different  business strategy between the large enterprises and small.

There are differenet in the purchase scale,negotiated and inventory for raw materials in differenet stationery manufacturers.For the big enterprise or the big brands,they always have the strong ability to resist
fluctuations in prices.But it is limited in the small enterprise.So that the small enterprises should be rise the price first?

In fact,as the small business or the inferior brand enterprise are not the control of price in the market.They lack of the influence of rise price.They will becomd the enemy of consumers if rise the price by themselves. In a sense, rise price is the wrestling between large enterprise. Big enterprise tries to clear the market and to expand.Small business only to play something by ear and make a living.

From the market angle,large stationery enterprise with its brand advantages,cost advantage and the enough profit,and the abundant capital.It can carry at the last,and they keep the original price during other rising,then rise price once clear the small competitior.

For small enterprise,they only become the followers once the leading enterprise rise price.They will rise by 4 or 3 yuan if the large enterprise rise about 5 yuan.But if the competitior does not rise,the weak brand enterprise rise it frist,even through you have ten thousand reasons,the consumer also won't understand.So,the blind action may fit in exactly with copemtitionor wishes.Large enterprise take no action and wait you out of market.Therefore,the small market must recognize their status and influence in the industry.To keep the same or less rising prise then large brand.At the same time,can make the differenet price in the weak product for competitior,some of product rise the price and some not or reduction,Anyways, to survive in the market is first.

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