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Branding is particularly pivotal in stationery enterprise

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-26
      Stationery industry is developing rapidly recently, and its prospects are very bright. Nowadays the expanding stationery market is taking  the lead by the industries of fashion,originality,animation.But because of the low level competition in the market ,there are a large number of influx of business every year.In this case, it must hide some immaturity and instability.
      The reasons why this phenomenon come into being is for the two points below.One, the low enter threshold.Many companies whose economic strength is not strong and the management model is backward rush the sky, they impact  the market with low price,and they are increasing rapidly.With the fierce force in price , there are some second-tier brand abandoning their principles and dropping the price to have more competitive advantages in the market.But obviously, it will do harm rather than good to the stationery industry.
      Second ,in the business operations,many young enterprises only fight for keeping a foothold instead of building a  brand to have a long-term development .As a result , the stationery enterprises will facing the difficult of developing which is the process they must go through.
       By contrast,those young companies still stay in their original state ,and no more brand awareness .Lepusheng stationery know deeply that the "product and price war" is bad for the whole industry because it will bring unordered competition and also do harm to enterprises themselves. So branding is particularly pivotal!
       Lepusheng stationery is working on branding building and had gotton highly evaluation by widely customers for a long time .As a fashional stationery brand , lepusheng stationery focus on building brand and producing the beautiful,high-end, classic and exquisite commodity which is  not only comfortable for use  but also can bring interest when using it in our life ,studying and woking time.
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