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Stationery manufacturing needs to see the gap and looking for the next boom

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-13

With the more than 20 years rapid development of Chinese economy,China stationery manufacturing has thousands of independent stationery brand in today.And there are over one third of sationery production in recent years.And China is become the biggest country in stationery.

We should to know that China stationery manufacturers,especially for the small and medium-sized private enterprises.Only to admit the gap and draw on each other's strength,then to keep the development.

There are lack of the knowledge of the strategic management in the domestic market.The decisions of the enterprise always lacking known the situation of the industry environment and the industry rules.And many copy in the market.

First of all,we should to make clean the gap with leading stationery enterprise,no mattere in the sales or the brand construction.There is a long way for the stationery factory.Most of stationery enterprise are the small and medium-sized.And they are behind in the marketing promotion and the innovation of science and technology.It is at a disadvantage even inthe local market competition.
Second,the multinational stationery enterprises through the long-term accumulation in technology,there is advantage in the innovation.The big enterprise is gettting bigger and bigger in future.The domestic stationery enterprise only to improve the  technology innovation.And to do the best to enterprise.

At the same time,the different between the domestic stationery enterprise and the multinational companies is not only in the business scale,but also in the management of the talent.China enterpirse needs to create the best environment to the development of talent and the best system.And to build the resource management system with international standards.And to retain talent.

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