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How to expand the market? Improve the creativity is key

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-23

Whatever industry,the brand influence is closely to the survival of enterprise.Now,there are many stationery brand enterprise have gone to the developing pitfall when expand the market.For stationery companies,the current independent development innovation is one of the key problems.Who can control the products,who can lead all the way.And become the leader of industry.

Countermeasures 1:Quality is foundation,do the brand development.

Quality is the premise of survival,brand is the guarantee of the enterprise development.After several war such as product compition,price compition and advertising .It is going to the high level business competition,the brand competition.So that the brand competition also the last competition.Lepusheng stationery thinks that should pay more attention to the brand development if want to win in the brand competition.

China stationery brand enterprises are still in the initial stage of the marketing.And it just begin to copy and explore the marketing innovation.The future will be a copmetition era in stationery products marketing.Only to do the suitable strategy and keep the innovation,then to impress the customer and gian the better business and establish the own barnd image.
Countermeasures. 2: Different product design,Get the accurate popular stationery styles and trends.

Different marketing is the key of the stationery product.It is the follower if without the product research and development of enterprise.So what is the ways for stationery design?
The study and the grasp of the prodcuts trend and the popular trend.The design of the stationery products should be same as the proudcts design in other industry.Comply with the concept of human engineering then to proudce the good proudcts.

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