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Stationery packaging for stationery brand promotion

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-05

Xinxiangyin launched new products of Jimmy series in 2004, unique cartoon packing are favored by lots of consumers  and become popular widely .The combination of paper towels and cartoon could bring good sales .Good packing could be helpful to inrease the sales of products .With the development of the variety of student stationery, the corresponding stationery packaging also develops. Therefore the stationery manufacturers pay more attention on it.


Good packing could create brand new value and enchance consumer’s brand awareness,so to make a good effective promotion for brand .How to promote the stationery brand with packing design in a best way ? There are some points as following :


1.     Cultural connotation

The products could have rich culture inside when we use cultural elements in packaging products. Culture is broad and profound, it can bring the brand vitality and show the brand connotation well when we could integrate the appropriate culture into the brand .


2. Color matching

Product packaging graphic design and color collocation could attract the consumers easily .Exquisite graphic design, harmony color, pleasing product packaging must first into the eyes of consumers. Especially for stationery design with more fashionable element, good use of color and changeable shape, nice packaging must keep up with the trend.


3. Providing necessary information

Brand products related to culture, name, logo, text, color ,material , shape and series of elements should be activated. The product information offering and reflecting is very important and must be same as packing information. Brand name, logo and other information must show brand individuality and difference. More information into the product could improve brand class well .


Good stationery packing can be called to be  “silent salesman”. Nowadays,

Portable function is no longer to be the main role of stationery packing , good stationery packing can protect the product attributes, brand recognition, rapid transfer the connotation of the brand and  enhance brand image. Meanwhile ,

packaging text, image, color can make a good propaganda effect and make beautification commodity and sales promotion.


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