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Service of e-commerce: development of mobile platform cannot be ignored

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-02


          Traditional stationery manufacturer has more and more attention to the e-commerce, also let stationery enterprises devote more efforts into it, according to the CNNIC survey 34 times, as of June 2014, the proportion of Internet users of the mobile Internet in China increased to 83.4%, 80.9% more than the traditional PC Internet access,this is the first time mobile phone become the first big terminal equipment.Thus, development of stationery e-commerce business in the future, the proportion of mobile end  will grow bigger.



          CNNIC's latest data shows that since June in 2014, mobile search engine users scale up to 405.83 million in China, and mobile Internet usage rose to 77.0%, the search has become an important entrance of the mobile Internet.The future for a period of time in China, mobile phone search engine users will have a growth, will mainly rely on the innovation class mobile applications to meet personalized needs then to drive Internet users.


          If stationery enterprises only meet in the Internet media platform, it is not enough, the change of digital products will also change the consumer behavior, in the face of the new trend of mobile Internet and the change of the search market demand, office stationery enterprises should also cater to consumer demand on the mobile platform.


          Lepusheng thinks mobile terminal platform, actually is also to do service for consumers.As is known to all, most of the stationery companies have traditional official website,they are all accord with the PC size,when it comes to the mobile terminal ,then it will display not comprehensive or page has distorted.No matter how perfect the site in the PC, but fail in the mobile end.So a perfect website page is so important for mobile client  to visit, if the customers can have good experience,then there will be consultation, connection with office supplies manufacturer.


          In addition to the improvement of the official website, for the most popular media platforms of mobile terminal such as wechat, we should undertake operating effort.It is easy to find, the scenario of user mobile search has more entertainment and is more joint to users daily life than PC search,and the coverage will be more widely, the real-time requirements are higher.The more close to the life the more easier to communicate with consumers synchronously,it can be said that the mobile end is most effective platform which can directly contact with consumers,there will be very big help for enterprise to collect product feedback, collect related market information and so on .


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