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Stationery exports trend in 2013

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-01-05


China exports were maintain sustained growth since the beginning of the year,it is according to the Chinese customs statistics that the total valume of import and export are over $2.05 trillion.It is including exports of $1.05282 trillion.
Learned from the above situation that China stationery export growth is higher than other major trading partners.Expect the growth of HongKong by 14%,the other major trding partners suhc as Brazil,Russia,South Africa and other countries are in the slow growth.At the same time,there are the diverge in the market structure.On one hand,the total value of both main market European Union and Japan were decided.And the EU import market share dropped by 0.8% compared with 2012.There are the high growth rate in the Asian nations,Russia,Africa and other emerging markets.
The situation of China stationery trade was better then the expected.But there are still many challenges in the foreig trade.
Frist of all there is the weak marketion export.The world economy still influenced by the quantitative easing from developed countries.There are not recover in the foreign demand.FMI and WTO also reduce the expectation of 2013.
The second is there are the international competition is increasingly fierce.With the upgrading of China stationery and the developing counties also accept the technology and capital transfertion from International.And there are the competition between China and other developed contries in technology and capital.And the same time,a number of foreign trade enterprises including stationery manufacturer are weak in the technology innovation, standards, the marketing network.
Third, traditional competitive advantages of foreign trade is weaker.At present, the rising raw materials,labor costs and the limited of environment constraints, especially theappreciation of RMB exchange.Most of stationery enterprises also bewteen the develpment and the competitive adjustment becuase lack of the capital,technology,talent accumulation.
Fourth,the trade protectionism.China was suffered more than 77 initiated trade dispputes from more than 21 countries and regions.It is cover the amount of $27.7 billion.The export detection indicators of stationery products have been upgraded.It is one of big challenge of foreign stationery manufacturers.
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