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Build stationery brand to figure out the dilemma of the industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-05


           The rapid development of stationery industry make the whole industry in trouble, homogeneity of management concept and product, and the raising stationery costs, and incentive market competition let stationery supplier under strain.And completes the stationery brand construction is an important and indispensable factor to the current plight of stationery industry .



            Brand simply refers to the consumer's perception of products and product series.For the OEM stationery manufacturers,it is impossible to let the consumer have its brand cognition.So for export-oriented stationery manufacturers, brand building is a long process.To let consumer remember your brand, we should do the following:


            First, differentiation, each of them has an independent brand, independent brand meaning.The product differentiation is to create a product or service that must satisfy the first condition of brand, the company must separate your own products from the rest of the products in the market;Second, relevance, the degree of usability refers to the potential customers for products.Consumers only actually see  the existence of the brand in daily life, then the brand will be meaningful;Third, perceived value, this is a valuable elements to create a brand.Even if the product is different from the other products on the market, potential customers will found that others are using this product, but if they do not feel the value of the product, then they would not buy this product.


           Brand construction, is the key for enterprises to be bigger and stronger, to have high visibility and reputation of the brand can also give agent confidence in the long-term.Brand construction can improve the market share of products and economic benefits, can enhance the attraction of the brand and the radial force, not only by the media publicity, but also including channel construction, customer management, marketing management, etc.At present, the products market has gradually steps to mature stage, as a non-first-line brand,those who want to have the regional market share, can only play "cost-effective" this card.In the current market, we always use the material of environmental protection as the mainstream on the appearance design modelling, material selection and material.


          To break through the current dilemma of stationery brand, brand building is important, but the product quality is the foundation of brand building, if there is no good quality as the backing,then the brand can not be built up, so brand construction is not without real.


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