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Stationery Aim to Creative Consumption — Best Gift For Children

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-13

        Nowadays in the stationery market , apart from the conventional  products ,you can easily see many individual cultural goods.  Consumers began to focus on personalization and customization, it also allows more and more manufacturers pay more attention to this aspect of the product construction.

        No matter in the stationery market or on the stationery exhibition, it is not difficult to find the newest stationery products tend to have distinctive characteristics that may be the difference in shape or having a better function, and maybe  more environmentally  in material.  The arrival of creative stationery is  exposing that people have a higher demand to stationery products.



        In the  environment of varying quality of stationery products, the safe, good quality and creative stationery is often welcomed. In some foreign countries, it is very common to send stationery products in  school season or traditional festivals such as Christmas .  Gift stationery is not only an expression of the mind of the show, but the  elders' expression of health care and wish tonext generation .

        Take creative stationery as a gift to the kids is very welcome .  For example ,the  products like card machines and  IPHONE shape correction tape of Lepusheng stationery ,their volume are much smaller than the real thing , but fine workmanship.When you open  the middle of the lens ,you can see the margin of the  correction tape .Further more , the colors are  beautiful,so that they are popular with children very much!

        Before 2008, the competition of brand  office stationery  occurs mainly in factories, so that the inexpensive brand firmly occupy the market . However, the consumer put forward higher requirements to the  appearance, taste and sense of design of office stationery in recent years  . Therefore ,the brand competition battlefield has shifted from the factory to the design studio. Those which are  novel in concept  , beautiful but  practical products  will eventually win the favor of consumers, and to become the new leader of the industry.  If the previous era can be called "factory of the times," then and now "design era" has arrived.

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