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Office supplies developed rapidly, the effect was obvious in E- business

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-07


          Reports show that the consumption of office supplies in China now has already reached 150 billion yuan. With the development of stationery industry, more and more entrepreneurs rushed into it, however, fierce competition,bad competition order and the weak service awareness will make the development of the industry slow down.



          In recent years, with the development of society and the change of people's thoughts and the development of the Internet, entrepreneurs also changed, office supplies industry has begun to get into the Internet, and has the obvious effect .The age of Internet has come, because of the fast, convenient, cheap and fashionable of online shopping, it play an important part  in the process of marketing.The latest statistics report  of China Internet network information center showed that 37.8% of Internet users have a experience of online shopping in recent year, next year, the proportion of online shopping is expected to reach 58%.The Internet  has the powerful market and consumers, if any one who can stick the broad market of the Internet, then office supplies industry in China will be more smoothly in the future.


          In addition to the numerous of stationery manufacturers get into the electronic commerce, at present a lot of third party sites or association also started to do one-stop service, they are not only convenient for the consumer to choose and buy, but also can send the goods door-to-door, then wholesalers can enjoy convenient purchase but never leave home. This kind of website also supply variety of channel for goods, product is rich,too. Owners can also see the relevant evaluation of product quality and  the actual effect  from the consumers .For the whole office stationery industry, third party sites such as alibaba B2B website play a major role for distributors and wholesalers purchase, at the same time it is also the effective channel for contact  between businesses and consumers,and further expand the influence.


         The emergence of the third-party websites  is a good platform of brand promotion to tradition stationery enterprises, in the absence of their own website or related electronic carrier,they can set up their information on a third party web site .However, to obtain the success of e-commerce platform, enterprise should have its own sales channels or their network publicity platform.After all the office supplies is expendable, it has large market demand, and the developing space is vast,too.Traditional marketing model is from the manufacturer to the agent, the agent to sales, then from the dealer to the terminal, because the sales channel chain is long, naturally it will causes the growth of marketing costs.Due to  the emergence of the online shopping, this marketing model solved the problem.it will minimize the intermediate links, the enterprise can be directly face consumers, and finally the integrated marketing costs are lower than those of traditional channels, and the enterprises' profit margins can get maximum protection.


           Development of electronic marketing, means to open more opportunities and development space, to break the limitation of space,and also provide a variety of different conversations, expand the market for the enterprise to win the initiative,brings convenience for the consumer, has reached the double-win effect between enterprise and the consumer, so this is one of the important channels for the development of stationery in the future.


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