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The 7th enterprise development summit of eastern Guangdong,designated pen from Lepusheng

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-17

December 15,2012.The 7th enterprise development summit of eastern Guandong was hold on the Shantou.There were gathering the heavyweight marketing gurus from home and abroad,prominent entrepreneurs and business celebrity.Enterprise development summit of eastern Guandong is the most influential meeting in enstern Guandong.It  attracted a lot of entrepreneurs in eastern Guandong.And Lepusheng has been the designated enterprise,which provided the pen for the summit.It offered the smooth and comfortable writing for the guests.



The summit  with the theme of "intellectual collect - international vision, local ambition",talking about the "macro vision,Internet business,brand" for the issue.Face to the enterprise development problem with the professional and great influence.It is a financial event for the  seven cities entrepreneurs in eastern Guangdong.



Liyangchun,the vice chairman of Guangdong industry and commerce federation was speech at the 7th enterprise development summit of eastern Guandong.Analyzed about the current macroeconomic situation,encourage the enterprises who were there to see the world change,studey from Wenzhou traders,development in the eastern Guangdong economy then to the symbiotic coexistence with each other.Conference invited the Zhejiang vice president of general chamber of commerce and Zhoudewen,famous scholars who know about Wenzhou traders,To share the business stories about the Wenzhou traders.Invited the international brand masters,Bobby Carl,the professor from Nothwestern university.Share the live case about the brand in the international market. Enhance entrepreneurial brand awareness and improved the international competitiveness of enterprises.


Lepusheng company with many years experience in the stationery production.There are more than 100 new and fashionable design stationery products be produced by Lepusheng for a year.Lepusheng stationery has been the designated enterprise,which provided the gel ink pen for the summit for seven years.It proves that the trusted and the recognition for the Lepusheng brand.Lepusheng believes that will be raise a profile though the influential of enterprise development summit of eastern Guangdong.To show the high quality products and improve the corporate image that promote the rapid development of stationery industry.


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