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How to promote to create value of stationery products ?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-04


           The development of stationery products let more and more students stationery endowed with a lot of fashion elements, we can say that each new stationery is injected with a lot of ideas and efforts of the designers, so the new product listing is very important for stationery manufacturers.Pick up on the amount of the product price is the most effective way to increase profits, the problem is the amount of product distribution should have price transparency, the terminal price is diffiicult to raise.Stick to raise prices will lead to rapid decline in sales.So in theory  there is a big risk in the process of actual operation of the most effective methods .Direct price method is not feasible, and the most effective approach is product upgrades, to improve the added value of high-grade new products.It can not only solve the problem of access price offer but also can change the problem of costing much but earn more.To improve the success rate of upscale product promotion, it is necessary to solve the following questions:



             One, positioning products, extract selling point


             Have a relatively strong core technology product competitiveness, because the core technology is the best selling point.With products which has no core technology, we can extract its selling point, to promote of the competitiveness of the products.In general,  technical content of students stationery products is not high, product homogeneity is very serious in the industry, how to sell the same product differently, it depends on the selling point of the product, the more prominent of the selling point, the consumer is easier to remember, once the consumer cognition is formed ,then product must be sold well , destined to become the industry standard.Sharp selling point can form a certain category of benchmarking, achieve a new stationery products, and also promote the development of the enterprise to a certain stage.Product selling point of the refining must be associated with product quality and characteristics, otherwise it is useless.Product selling point must be the most essential thing, and the more nature of things the more simple,and also the easier for consumers to remember.


            Two, profits arrangement, reasonable promotion


            Setting a reasonable profit and promotion is the method of resolving the problem of whether the customer receive goods or not, and whether sell the products or not after receiving the goods.If the consumers don't pick up the goods ,the they will rot in the warehouse even they have selling point.If customer pick up the goods but not actively to promote it ,then the product will be slow in the customer warehouse,too.Only the product profit be at least twice of the best-sellers,then the customer will have more enthusiasm of new products.According to different regions, profit requirements are not the same.Profits in south of the Changjiang river must be more than twice than in the north of the Changjiang river,and different channels have different requirement of profit.Access channels determines its claim to the profits of more than the usual channels to resource monopoly .


            Three, set up shop goods and gifts


            When consumer is buying the product ,they will be affected by spending habits, first they will select best-selling products, second they will hold the mentality to try to choose a new product.So at the first period ,the terminal sales promotion is to address whether the consumer buy new products or not.Different ways of channel terminal promotion is not the same. For the usual consumer which will buy the whole case,it is better to set some prize or some physical thing (toothbrush, towels, poker, ball-point pen, etc.).For special channels,it is better to adopt  the way of high promotion for the high price products.For modern channels (super) , it is the best to be good promotion unit with five pack.


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