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Large stationery wholesale market in Changsha,Hunan

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-10


         Hunan large stationery wholesale market is one of the major programs of Hunan Gaoqiao large market development  co., LTD.,It is the market construction projects which is the national key support of the key projects, after 13 years of development,it  has become a  largest and national comprehensive wholesale markets in the south central area.



         Hunan large stationery wholesale market covers an area of 1000s metres, total investment 2 billion yuan, completed 600000 square meters of operating room, storage and form a complete set, it had a total of 6000 units, the management staff is more than 50000 .Market positioning to wine, household appliances, department stores, style, agricultural and sideline products, leather goods, complementary with small commodities, knitwear, clothing and other items, the amount of clinching a deal  is about 30 billion yuan or above, it was named the provincial advanced unit of finance system.


          The logo is designed by "Hunan creative brand design"  the design scheme is given priority to with bright red color, fully considering the identity identification, to clear the contents of  displaying forms of distribution;Through the simple and fashionable design style, it can be more press close to life, close to the psychological demands of consumers.


          There are many manufacturers and agent of direct selling business get inro gaoqiao wholesale market, unified distribution, lower prices, coupled with convenient traffic that will give businesses a lot of convenience.Stationery wholesale market located in the west of gaoqiao. The stationery wholesale market main in the business of :office suppliesschool supplies, paper supplies, sporting goods, business gifts, labor insurance supplies, etc.


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