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Four factors accelerate change of student stationery supplies

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-09

Now, there are so much uncertain factor in the competitive market.The industrial was be pushed step by step.And there are much unexpected situations in changing.Most of companies also increased the development in the technology,brand and company management.And some external factors also accelerate the change of the student stationery.

Frist,Other industry speed up the industry changing

By the influence of the increased raw materials,labor cost and the crowded terminal store and so on.Stationery enterprises were survived the long off-season.there is the obviously decline for brand sales in leading city.

In order to resist the market risk and improve enterprise competitiveness.Some stationery enterprise to adjusted their strategy,they began to do the student stationery market,it is a ways to against the risk.But is also bring the new pressure to the industrial competititon.Some student stationery suppliers were do the diversified development. They were expanded the business to the downstream and formed the depth development.

Second,expand the two and three downsteam

Students stationery brand is weak sales in first cities,however,there are the rapid increading in the second and thirdly cities.Some clever student stationery companies is begin to expand the sales channel in the second and thirdly market when mostly student staitonery enterprise busy in looking for the business in the first cities.

With the rapid development of the channel expand,the second and thridly cities even the low-end market  has become a life-saving straw for numerous students stationery brands.It will be bring the broad market to the stationery manufacturers through to establish sales channels as soon as possible

Thirdly,Cooperate with other industry

Nowadays,there are the developed Internet,and it is become the way to expand the market through the network.for many businessmen.Such as it provide the useful platform for the popularity group puchase and stationery brand.

In fact,as the big change in market,it is weakness for the stationery enterprises if competition by only one.To cooerate with other enterprises shoule be easier to take more share in market.They can share the resource such as the brand spread, trade marketing and teh after sales service.Does not conflict with each other and make the mutual benefit.

Diversified production and cross-industry cooperation can be help the student stationery enterprises living in the weak market and avoid the disadvantage such as homogeneity competition.

Fourth,Improving innovation

It is impossibale to keep the long-term development for the student stationery enterprises which without original design and weak innovation.It is undeniable that innovation is the key to keep stong competitiveness for enterprise.However,weak innovation is the common fault for the student stationery industry.

Domestic stationery manufacturer always have the weak innovation as they lacking enough attention in the intellectual property protection idea.Most of them have not the won professional lawyers.Result in their products are be copyed soon once published.It also affects the enthusiasm for the product reasearch and development.

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