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Is correction tape poisonous?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-01


          The CCTV news exposes that correction fluid exists the hidden danger of benzene is  exceed . Many consumers are afraid of it .Then also be afraid of  correction tape,too.There are many consumers always have the question that whether the correction tape is poisonus,here Lepusheng will give you the answer.



           Most of the correction tape are eligible


           Varied from the market,we can see lots of kinds of fashionable correction tape,they are more popular with consumers, the price are from a few yuan to 10 yuan, the shape are in animals, mushroom, camera and so on.The lovely model attracts students the most.It is more convenient to correct when using a correction tape,and also it can be neat and beautiful, because the tastes feels light and the composition is safe, many parents prefer to let the children use the correction tape.The main components of the correction tape is the titanium pigment, resin, polystyrene, self-adhesive, smooth glassine paper mainly.The function of the titanium pigment is covering, resin and self-adhesive provides viscosity, parts of them also specified no benzene.


           Then is correction tape really safe?According to the inspection report of suzhou daily recently, it shows that 99% of the correction tape stationery is a safe and available, suzhou quality inspection by the physical and chemical of ministy Ding Hongliu is introduced, the current mandatory national standard GB21027-2007 general requirements for safety of the school supplies and halogenated hydrocarbon shows that benzene content of related products should be strictly controlled, which regulates the benzene product no more than 10 mg/kg, halogenated hydrocarbon, shall not be checked out.From suzhou city product quality supervision, it can be seen that the current popular correction tape is relatively safe.


          The suggestion of choose and buy regular products


          Lepusheng stationery reminding consumers, although most of the correction tape is safe, there are some bad products may contain excessive amounts of benzene, it can cause chronic damage to liver, kidney, etc, even lead to leukemia.Soluble substance of lead and chromium will do harm to human body, if there are excessive lead ,then it will  damage our nerve, hematopoiesis and reproductive system,especially to children, it can affect children's growth and intelligence.So when choosing correction tape, we suggest that consumers buy regular student stationery,and must check whether the product has detailed the main ingredient, warranty, manufacturer information, standards and the matters needing attention and so on.


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