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See the development process of stationery products from the transformation and upgrading

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-20


         In recent years, "added value" of the stationery products has become the main theme of profit and competitiveness.See from stationery exports in recent years, although a lot of stationery exports enterprises have received orders from Europe and the United States, but its profits have a compressed side, it makes stationery export enterprisesIs very helpless, in order to be able to get out of this dilemma in a short period of time, then it become particularly important to accelerate the process of transformation and upgrading of enterprises.



         Profit compression force enterprise transformation


         China stationery enterprises lack of independent and nnovation, there is no independent brand and a complete industrial chain, and often carries the risk of passive responsibility due to design flaws, and at the same time, the serious homogeneity of production also let profit margins become low, while there is a big quantity on exports but no core competitive advantages.So some of the stationery stores change to do the domestic market, but it is only a temporary solution.Experts said that when all stationery enterprises to share the domestic market,then it is difficult to  secure the profits and sales of the products in the future .And stationery industry has now become one of pillar industries of China light industry,so transformation and upgrading is the final choice,then China's stationery enterprises can occupy the world market for long.


         Stationery production and design should be fresh and new


         For product design and production, It is more important than anything can play a "new pattern", stationery enterprises must realize that only by a more positive innovation consciousness will be free in the compressed market space, the transformation and upgrading has naturally become the most urgent thing to do.From the hot selling style in the market, we can find out the status of popular stationery almost replaced the traditional stationery, compared with the traditional stationery, stationery fashion is not only beautiful,and also can be more accord with human body engineering.Environmentally friendly stationery and produced stationery are adding more than ten percent  is in the original basis profit.


          In addition, anime element, gift element, network hot spots have become the usual elements of popular stationery,on product design and manufacturing, most of the domestic stationery gift export enterprises realized that if not consciously to forward then will be attacked, also because of this, in the case of profits and the development pace being compressed, some stationery gift export enterprise with high growth have come towards this available road.


           Constantly given new vitality and practical value is the good methods to open the sales way for stationery enterprises, to guarantee the profit of products, maintain the innovative spirit of enterprise, then give consumers more expectation, so that can ensure the market can develop continuously and create economic benefits.


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