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What should we pay attention to when publishing stationery product ?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-31


         With the development of stationery industry, there comes the competition in the industry, in order to attract the attention of consumers, stationery enterprises also constantly improve performance and design of their products , every new product contains many efforts of the enterprise and research and development, so the new products appear on the market is very important for the stationery manufacturers.While promotion blindly can make it different from the promotion effect that we expected, so what should we pay attention to on the stage of publishing stationery products to the market :



         One, whether unify the concept of dealers


         Stationery dealers and the agent are not willing to vigorously promote new product.This is the problem that puzzle a lot of stationery manufacturers, they can't agreed with dealers and agents in this aspect.The new products which the enterprise  think must promote highly ,while to the distributors and agents ,it is not necessary,which they are willing to sell are the best selling products, so they are willing to spend more energy on it, and the allure of the new products is not so large.So the real reason is  stationery manufacturer fails to have a common concept with the dealer at the beginning of the promotion, so they must pass the selling point of the new products to the dealer ,so that the dealers can understands clearly and pass it to the consumer directly .


          Two, not do well in the marketing work


          The lack of research work for early market , will affect the whole stationery products which will list.Embodied in: 1,not do well in research work for the preliminary market , not targeted market strategies.2, price strategy, they don't consider the distribution of interests between the channel layer, and the product price changes frequently, so that will affect confidence of dealers in the product.3. not do well in product communication and promotion strategy , so that it can not reach the purpose of making customers know the products of the brand .


           Three, strengthen the communication with consumers


           In terms of marketing communication strategy, should let push strategy and pull strategy at the same time.On the push strategy, invite sales with rich experienc and higher quality, and strengthen the professional training of existing sales staff and sales skills training.Push out incentive policy for internal sales staff.Through systematic training, let the sales staff strengthen the communication with customers actively, so that they can understand the real demand of consumers.


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