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Why is the environmentally friendly stationery became the "rich" for industry?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-12-12

With the higher and higher requirement of office stationery,besides the design and the materials,there are the requirements in the environmental protection.The deeply know of health,environmental protection make more and more stationery manufacturers want be the friends of "environmental protection stationery".That is why it be called "the rich".After all,who seize the consumer demand who can take the more market share.


Why is the environmentally friendly stationery became the

Compared with the traditional stationery, green stationery with the advantages such as saving, increasingly,economy.It is why so many yound people like them.For most of yound people,the safety and health problems of children is very important.They prefer pay more money to buy somethings safety and health instead of something cheap.And nowadays,the thinking of students are very actively,they like the good quality and something new.So that it is not surprising.

With the improving industry technology and declining price,the development of environmental stationery products is rapidly.The analysts pointed out that there are small amount of enterprises do the green stationery.But with the development of demand.There are more and more stationery enterprises do the green stationery.And the supply will be over that the demand soon.

Because the environmental protection stationery are made of the green materials and processes.So that the price should be more higher that the common stationery.But now, there are ten or a few yuan in the terminal market.It is similar to the common stationery.There are should be the more development way for the green stationery.

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