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Three kinds of fine stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-12

In China,the products need to in inddustrialization that get the enough profit.As the development of the stationery industry.Stationery product has been subdivided increasingly.In the subdivided market,there are about three excellent stationery active in the current market as follows:


Luxury stationery


This kind of stationery living in the high-end consumer market.it has high science and technology in the performance,difficelt to crash.With the long time value of history and enjoy a good reputation.Turn the products into luxury is in maximize of brand value.Meanwhile,it is expensive in the stationery promotion.The user always in the high-end,and the sales will not be too big.The representatives of this kind stationery brand are Montblanc and Park.


Quality style stationery


The meaning of brand is brings the lenovo to the consumer.This kind of stationery is based on the brand construction.A certain sense, it is one of cultural marketing.For example.MOLESKINE notebook,its meaning art,simples,travel.Many consumers to buy  MOLESKINE notebook to record  something about their life.


Creative and fashion stationery


There are majority of Japen and Korea style stationery in the fashion stationery.Children and young people are the are the main buyers.This kind of stationery has special whether in  practical or appearance.Following the trend of times and meet the demand of specific user.Bold in the colors and rich in the pattern.Lepusheng stationery also design as the demand in the market.Keep the product novely and fashion.This kind of stationery has welcome in the student market,it also the main stationery for the stationery collectors.


These three kind of stationery have occupies a certain market share in the stationery market.No matter the unique sytle or the fashion creative.All of them provide a much richer element to the stationery industry.


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