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Stationery foreign trade recovering with the 113th Canton fair

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-07

The 113th Canton fair phase 3 was hold on May 1 to May 5 in Guangzhou pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.  In Phase III ,the theme of clothing,shoes,bags and office supplies,leisure supplies, medicine and health and so on.


Stationery foreign trade recovering with the 113th Canton fair


According to the official statistics of the Canton fair,the merchants of this fair was increased by 10.5% than the 112th.The market of  Europe,United States and Japen were grew by 2.7%,1% and 22.1%.Compared with the spring fair of 2012,the visitors has declined by 2.2%,Europe fell by 3.7% of them,1.8% of USA and Japen taken 13.8%.

Most of exhibitors of phase 3 belongs to the labor-intensive traditional products.With the high sensitivity of the rising costs and the low power of negotiate price.There is not obvious recovery of the world major economies,under the such situation,how to catch the purchas of emerging markets is became the important point of the Canton fair phase 3.

The information of light industry shows that there is the light industry enterprises are promoting the brand construction,to improve the product quality and using new materials and new technology.Improve the added value of the products and push to the success deal.Some exhibitors said that there is the great profit to the clothing and office stationery.Most of them are wlecomed by purchasers with the novel design and the Europe style.

In the zone of office supplies,there were displayed various kinds of unique style and colorful stationery.It was attracted the buyers and it also meet the Europs style.Lepusheng company also took part in this session of Canton fair phase 3 and there was many visitors.Lepusheng company said that they were stengthen the market  research in recent years and payed more attention to the products deisgn.The new products of them has followed the market demand.

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