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Advance awareness is important for current stationery enterprises

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-22

It is the key time for line of office supplies get strong in the 12th Five-Year Plan period.To realize this big goals in China stationery is need a advance awareness as a foundation.
After 30 years of development.There is the big change in the economic environment.Stationery industry is belongs to the open development.Most of enterprises were copyed each other and formed the 
industrial clusters.

Nowadays, stationery industry is turn into the development.It is needs to improve their added value of products while selling products.So,how to meet the demand of new trend and guide consumption becomes a based and spirit of stationery company.

Now,export is getting more and more difficult.And more and more foreign enterprise come into the China market.The office supplies has been in the global econmy and compete within the world.Enterprise also faces much problems suhc as changing econmic,rising labor costs,losting competitive advantage and so on.At the same time,the increasing requirements of environmental protection, saving emission reduction also bring the big pressure to enterprises.In addition,the southeast Asia and other conuntries are developing their economy.Their cost advantage is better than that ours.And the developed countries also moving their industry into local.All of them make enterprise in troublem.

Nowadays,China has not only a factory of the world.It also the world market.Enterprises not only rely on low labour costs,material costs,environmental cost into the global economy.But also take the veiw in globalization and innovation.

Under such developing situation,stationery manufacturers must have a advance awareness of globalization and innovation.

In the past,the stationery enterprise competition just like a races.All companies are running.This model of development is expanding the business.So,there is not obvious differences between the enterprises.And make weak, strong imitation and homogeneity.Nowadays,stationery enterprise are in the phase of climbing mountain,they can clearly see their position  in the three-dimensional space.But clearly is not the ultimate aim.Enterprise should reflect continuously, according to their different position in the industry and choose the right path of development.

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