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The core competition of the stationery industry development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-27

Increasing competition form last years to this years,it is speed up the reshuffle of the stationery manufacturing industry.We can see that the competition is getting more and more fierce.It is not noly the competition between the brand,capital and prodcuts.Lepusheng dialyze the core competition of the stationery industry development:

1. Competition of the profit model.The development of stationery industry are relyed on the lacal liberaliza develop of  the agents and distriutors in previous years.Most of stationery factoies are lacking the marketing planning and the  enough support.With the more and more fierce competition,the profit of the brand is getting more and more improtant.It is different only depand on the dealers to do the three and four million sales volume.The profit model is including the brand marketing,cost account,cost control and service.

2.Competion of the talent.Developing of the industry make lack of the talent,and the stationery manufacturers were poaching between each other then made the serious influence in the developing of brand.Talent competition is not only the problem for factory.The  terminal agents facing the more serious.Some brand are wean in the local market as run off a key person.

3.Competition of channel resources.The leading brand has already over the prelliminary bulid of brand channel.But there were lower and lower investment in the deciling industry.The subsequent enterprise fact on the first problem is to bulid the channel.Developing without channel resources is means nothing.

4.Competition of logistics distribution.There is no doubt that logistics has become the new problem to the stationery industry.Even the stationery how hot in market,it will be eliminated soon if without the support from logistics.Have a powerful transport support that the goods can be circulate rapidly.Stationery enterprise cooperate with logistics companies can make the good share in the proudts and logistics.To improve the delivery of goods in the low cost.

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