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The opportunity of the development for China stationery enterprise is important

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-24

The vast stationery manufacturing army and the large stationery consumer groups with the rapid increase.The annual GDP of stationery is increasing by 15%. However, we only have seen the prosperity of stationery industry.In fact,the low level and disordered competition,it make the stationery industry appeared weakness.Lepusheng stationery analysed the current marketing and discuss several trend as follows:

Next three to five years is the kep developing time

Stationery industry is in the broad market,and the development is similar to the Japen stationery development level in past 10 years.The current annual output is more than  $1000 a year,with about 10% growth.It is in the rapidly increasing.The next three to five years is the key time for the stationery market.Therefore,all the stationery brand enterprise are to get more share in the marke as more as possibale.

Technical personnel is very important

Stationery is different from other manufacturing industry .There are many manufacturing industry can produced by machine.However,in much time,stationery need to do as crafts in elaborate design, manual measurement and handmade assembly.Stationer is one of  labor restricted industries.The personnel with professional knowledge and senior skill is needs by an enterprise.

Brand effect obvious

At present,it is important to the brand construction.There has not the well-known brand in the domestic market yet.The current siuation need the brand to promote the development of the enterprise.Brand contruction is directly affect the development of next few years.Therefore,in recent yearsLepusheng stationery also will developing with the online and offline.Using various channels to expand the business and build up a good brand reputation.

Standardization is a  trend

Nowadays,as the stationery industry in standardized,stationery manufacturing also been to the standard level.In the future, all kinds of stationery production will be a unified. It is a trend of standardization for long time.The next three to five years is the a big adjustment phase.

Stationery in the outbreak period

Stationery development needs time to accumulate, and now the industry in the outbreak of the crisis.The foreign brands have enter the Chinese market,it is improtant to catch the development opportunities.The so-called specialize in one subject, there is no lack the funds and marketing talents in stationery enterprise.But the also needs long time run. In addition, as the  particularity of stationery production.There is a complicated require for workers.


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