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Four problems of stationery brand marketing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-28

There were lots of copy and the vairous kinds of sales promotion in past industry.But with the development of the enterprises and the changing of the life,it is hard to take the stationery product into market through the traditional mode.There are more and more statinoery manufacturers to createthe new marketing model eagerly.There are four following problems in the stationery brand marketing:

One,serious homogeneity in product

There are many stationery manufacturers had produced the stationery as the market sell what,ever same on the product packing.Then,the stationery enterprise to seek the differentiation of the produc and put into the personalized ,to make the vivid display and various sales promotion.But the consumpetion of the consumer is getting more and more rational and mature.They had been see lots of false and exaggerated propaganda.In the information era,they have the serious "aesthetic fatigue".

Two,singler and singler pattern

Promotion is fluctuating between in the selas gift and discount.There are not a real quality product in that.There are the uncertainty in new market such as changing consumption,the old and sigle operation technique and the changing market.Besides,there were appeared a number of prdouct,it seems attractive outside,but the quality and efficacy is same as each other.And ever appeared the similar pomotion of products.In such cause,the product promotion is hard to do.

Three,difficult control  effect

Many enterprise have complained that the current advertising fee is higer and higer,but the worse effection.To do the paper advertising,make the signs advertising in stationery wholesale market,take part in various kinds of exhibition or do the e-commerce.But all of them are in the low effection and waste of money.

Four,Various kinds of cost rising in the slowing market.

The introduction and cultivation of product is nowhere in sight, manufacturer request make the channel flat,but the retail terminal and put down the profit room of agents and dealers;the current compeitition has become saturated and it also intense in the secondary and tertiary competition market.The price increase of labour,price and marketing is make the stationery supplies in difficult conditions.

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