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Lepusheng warm tip:the necessry stationeries for examination

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-06

The college entrance examination is very important for China.There are so many examination in a term.So that the stationeries is necessary for the students.What kindly of stationeries should be took to examination?And how many?How to distinguishes the good or bad in stationeries?

Couspet on formal shopping malls

At present,there are many exam has evaluated by the company.Writted down by 2B pencil then be readed.Using the bad 2B pencial is bad for the evaluation.So that it is necessary to choose the better one on the formal shopping malls or large supermarket.Lepusheng stationery warm reminded that it is necessary have a try after buy the pencil.Every student stationery show be prepare well before examination.

The examinee also can introspection from the following two aspects beform buy the 2b pencil:One,the text on the package.Skewed word is shoddy products.Two,the color of both ends of the pencial.The good pencial should be red color.

Eraser also very important

Besides the pencil,eraser also very important.There are many eraser looks pretty with scents and modelling diversity.But this kind of eraser is too soft to use.And it is easy to erases other answers accidentally.

Lepusheng advice that it had better choose the soft hard moderate eraser.How to identify the earser in bad or good?Student can be try it on the paper which writed by 2B pencil.

Enough stationeries

Students always would prepare one more set of stationeris just in case.But it is not the more the better.Prepare should be reasonable.Lepusheng thinks that there only 3 gel ink pen,two 2B pencil and one eraser.The  stationery bags, plate also should be prepare before.

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