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“Exam season” lift the sales of test type stationery products

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-30

With less than a month of time, the college entrance examination and the senior high school entrance examination will be held successively. After that, the final exam is coming in every school. “Exam season” is coming and once again the stationery shop also meets the peak sales. According to merchants, all kinds of corresponding “exam economy” is the beginning, and students stationery sales rise step by step.


Test genre stationery product most obvious needs is in every May, 2b pencil, ruler, compasses and other test items, domestic sales volume grows. And the sales of study products for test also occupy half of the purchase quantity at this time.


Practical stationery will be easier to be test stationery


Different with the daily popular stationery, Japan and South Korea stationery, the ones with simple modeling and simple design is more welcomed by consumers during the exam season. Merchants purchase stationery in this stage, especially in the test genre; they focus on product quality more than style. Many students realize, fancy product is easy to distract the examinee. In the examination room, beautiful pen is also a waste if it can’t write a word. Thus, many stores would classify for customers to put products in the examinee needs counter to guide students consciously to the test or daily learning special counter.


Stationery products require high security 


Except the practicability guaranteed by high quality, students have higher requirement for stationery products. The sales for some stationery products contain irritating smell declined. But the traditional environmental protection rubber sales have slightly higher.


Sales for writing products is strongest 


Writing instruments class last week price index to 100.24 points, good industry in the near future the overall market. Domestic aspects: neutral pen, ball-point pen, marker, such as writing pen sold situation strong; A felt pen, writing brush, brush and other artists pen sales increase; Inkstone, brush pen rack, pen container such as a small writing tools supporting supplies sales. Export: colorful cartoon ball-point pen king pin in the Middle East, Europe and other places, volume surged. In measuring tools, students with plastic ruler, set square demand better progressly; Teaching with a wooden ruler, set square wood, wooden compasses sold situation is relatively weak; Students with compasses, a protractor, and other products mainly combined with feet products sales, sold situation sound. 


Market management monitoring, as a result of tests, the entrance examination, the final exam, and so on each big exam, school supplies (domestic season starting in May. Is expected before the final exam, the school supplies will continue to sell like hot cakes, school supplies by short-term demand, clinch a deal with retail small or moderate, is expected to lift profit space. Especially black pencil, pen, eraser, measuring ruler class tools, calculator examination essentials such as sales or rise further.


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