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Children’s Day comes with the increasing sales for stationery products

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-26

The Children’s Day is coming very soon, all kinds of student stationery, Japan and South Korea stationery popularity soared. According to some stationery products distributors saying, for the last few days, the sales of schoolbags, pencil case and notebooks increased, there is even no worry about the well-presented stationery. In fact it is not stationery sales season now, light touch the Children’s Day; however, well-presented stationery products attract many parents and students’ eyes.


It is not new news that student stationery are sent as gift stationery. As the popular element gets popular, many stationery designs are with high-level and novel. Not only design is full of modern elements, there is also a breakthrough in product innovation. As reported, nowadays stationery gift sales occupy 20%-25% of the gift company’s sales. Therefore the stationery gift became a new direction of stationery enterprises, and holiday season also contribute to that.


If stationery product wants to “root” in the gift industry, it is very important to improve product quality and product design feeling. To grasp the popular trend and combine with industry characteristics, can bring stationery industry new economy. Besides, more and more supermarkets, chain stores appeared on the integral rankings of stationery products. With the combination of cartoon, etc, it will also have a larger dimension for stationery gift market. We can tell from the hot sales Children’s Day, the gift stationery is being paid attention. Stationery enterprise can gain the holiday season, and let the stationery sales to add more of a fire.


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