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Why there is growing vacancy in the stationery wholesale market

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-23

As reported, at present, there are about 10% empty phenomenons in the Guangzhou wholesale market, there are more or less includes stationery wholesalers, then what caused this kind of bad phenomenon?


The development of electronic business platform, impacts the traditional stationery market


With the development of electronic business platform, traditional stationery wholesale market faced a lot of impact. These types of goods can be traded conveniently in electronic business platform; it also causes a decline in the wholesale market customers and many merchants in the wholesale market started to do Taobao business online. So to speak, in the nowadays culture goods wholesale market, almost all the student stationery wholesale businessmen do the wholesale business, meanwhile, they hire people to run their Taobao shops. Even for some stores, they reflected the Taobao business orders are much more than the wholesale and retail business.


With the help of the professional electronic business platform to upgrade


The development of e-commerce promotes many different types of entities wholesale market to transform and upgrade. For the market trend, it will provide a one-stop service platform in the future, implementing the resources sharing, the wholesale market information sharing, mutual benefit and common development. The advantage of professional market in e-commerce way is not selling products online, but to provide sources for online stores which sell products. Only to integrate the resource effectively, and allow the “whole package” get into the e-commerce platform something like wholesale network, can achieve that with the help of e-commerce to upgrade.


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