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To count the “uninvited guests” in stationery shop

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-21

The low threshold requirement for stationery business makes a lot of entrepreneur become stationery shop owner. But in front of the mixed stationery market, many shop owners hollowed state of mind and look for business opportunities. It makes the stationery shop not just sell student stationery, but also some toy products or new products which will attract student group as the main consumption object. However, this kind of “business opportunity” makes many “uninvited guests” get into the stationery shop. Who are the “uninvited guests”? LPS stationery tells you as below:


Beware of that children take the addictive for “electronic cigarette”


There are news report, a few days ago, many stationery shop sell toys like cigarette, spit it out after a whiff of smoke, many pupils bought it and smoked properly. It is a fruit taste cigarette students bought, similar appearance to real cigarette, can also spit out the smoke ring. Pupil is the biggest consumer group. We doubt children have strong imitation ability, but lack of true and false sense; they are learning smoke like adults.

This electronic cigarette contains nicotine solution, after atomization inhalation, it is easy to make children addictive, some electronic cigarette also contain carcinogens. So experts are calling for, electronic cigarettes disguised to encourage minors smoking, should put the electronic cigarette into the regulatory scope, which cannot be sold to minors.


To exposure mosquito repellent bracelet for long-term will damage the nervous system


Summer time again, whether mosquitoes make you feel restless? It is reported that nowadays stationery shop sells a mosquito repellent bracelet. It is with strong pungent odor, which can help you to drive mosquito bites. However, will it cause any damage if children take it for long time? As far as we know, the elements contained in the mosquito repellent are pesticides, the smell will cause harm to children’s nervous system. It would also cause Parkinson’s disease if children get in touch it for long time.


Laser pen will burn people’s eyes, can’t take it as children toys.


Due to the laser focus on strong sex and the irradiation area can produce heating effect, laser pen meets the minor’s psychology which likes fresh products. Thus it is widely welcomed by the elementary and middle school students. In recent years, many big stationery shops sell this product, but the laser pen is harmful to human body. From CCTV the focus of the interview, we also see the laser pen injure to the child’s eye cases. Expert reminds, take the laser pen as toys, burning eyes is not the only one case. This kind of injury is permanent and can’t be cured. Parents should take seriously for the existing of this danger. 


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