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Creative stationery can't maintenance without brand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-02

According to the statistics of China general merchandise association.The years sales vaule of the stationery product is between 110 billion to 130 billion.And there is rapid rising by 20% a year.It is become a big market for cultural goods.

There is the broad market in the stationery line.According to the insider estimate that there is about 350 billion of demand in the statioery market.How does an enterprise to get  more market share?Product profit is key,and it depand on whether the stationery prdouct be welcomed in market.So that the product disign is improtant.It also the key point for the stationery entrepreneurs.

The stationery design will dirently affect the product profit.With the rapid development of stationery industry in China.There are many stationery manufacturers have awawed the importance of innvation and pay more attention to it.Most of them put more money and energy in research and development.They not only pay attention to the material,function and sales,but also seted up the design department and created a series of stationery products which following market trend.

However, there is over 70% of stationery competition in common stationery product at home market.Most of them are in the low production and loacking design and creation.Because China stationery industry is in the primary,There is the low barriers to entry in stationery industry.And lack of the industry rules and regulate.Most of creative design can be copy easily.There are  many small stationery factories will copy an innovated products rapidly when it appears in the markets.It  reflect that china enterprise are afraid of innovation and lazy on innovation.

Creative stationery easy to be "copy",it also appear the research investment in stationery enterprise is not enough and lacking consciousness  in the quality and brand.On the other hand,it also proves the importance of brand construction.The good inovation should be take into brand then to realize the marke value.

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