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To choose stationery, should look for the standard and not superstition

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-24

In stationery industry, there are many stationery manufacturers who don’t conform to the standard, thus many students and parents would choose to purchase imported stationery to avoid buying domestic stationery which would go against body health. However, students should also have buying standards when choosing stationery.


To choose and buy stationery, should distinguish standard


Says one insider, the European Union’s safety standards for chemical content such as lead in the pencil is a set of stricter regulations, compared to the domestic standard, they have more stringent requirements about dangerous element content. Experts say, consumers could refer to the packaging of safety standards while buying stationery. For example, general domestic stationery reference is “GB21027-2007” The general requirements for safety of student supplies,which gives the eight heavy metal such as lead, mercury, arsenic migration limit. There still are some stationeries follow the EU standard or US standard, consumers can see the CE or ASTM mark on the packing box. Experts say, the CE mark on behalf of the products comply with EU standard.


It is understood that at present, there is no mention of plasticizer content for stationery standard requirements in our country compulsive standard, but the country’s environmental protection standard reference the international requirements, it has rules for the harmful material to students products. For enterprises, only they apply for the environmental mark, products need to perform. Meanwhile, this kind of test means the high cost, so only the relatively normal enterprise would do the inspection actively. For example, the nation’s largest wooden pencil brand—Mark pencil, its products are sold to 80 global countries and regions, the annual fee for professional detection is more than 5 million, in order to ensure that products meet all standards.


To choose the imported stationery with no superstition.


Some parents think, the imported stationeries have better quality even the price is higher, for the young children, they like to put things into their mouth no matter what. Parents afraid of the chemical element is harmful to the child body, they can have less concern about imported products. Due to the current domestic stationery market product quality are good and bad intermingled, parents always want to ensure the children safety by choosing imported stationery, prevent children from being getting hurt by the unqualified stationery. Related to this, experts said, the key to choose the safe stationery is to grasp the correct method, no need to obsess with imported products.


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