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Light colors stand out from the crowd and new stationery products are also with “Naked makeup”

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-22

It is easy to find out on the market, products with pure and fresh appearance are more popular with consumers. Compared to “heavy taste” colors like brilliant purple and red, the fresh and pure “light color” is more often used for stationery products. Pink, pink blue, blue, light yellow, etc. are more welcomed by consumers; these “naked makeup” products seem to be a market trend.


“Naked” for stationery design


In the time of the naked color in power, stationery enterprises also gradually entered this fashionable fight, in the market circumstances of intense competition, enterprises need to meet the needs of the consumers, so the “naked” color for stationery design has become an inevitable trend.


For the naked color on stationery design, it requires company should have certain research for products colors use, why the pure and fresh color is more welcomed for consumers? LPS thinks, just like the children clothes, eye protection is for one reason, light colors can protect eyes much more than dark colors. In addition, clear colors have a better impression.


“Naked” for stationery quality


Stationery enterprises can’t forget the importance of product quality after the product appearance is finished researching well. Quality is the soul of enterprise, if consumers are not satisfied with the product quality, they would lose faith on the product, so that the product quality should also dare to be “naked” to earn consumers’ trust.


It must solve the problem from root to guarantee the stationery product quality and preclude the adulteration and sloppy work. Firstly, to choose the raw material manufacturers who are trustworthy. Secondly, to preclude adulteration during processing. Finally, to have quality inspection after produced, to ensure the products which will reach consumers’ hands are with no quality problem. Only do well about above points, can win the trust of consumers.


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