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It makes parents worried that stationery stores sell different sort of stationeries

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-21

In order to attract consumers’ attention, many stationery store not only launch new products, but also sell different sort of stationery products. It makes many parents and teachers shocked, these strange stationeries are not the essential products for students, but in signature of student stationery, they virtually affect children’ healthy growth while attracting school students’ attention.


“Electronic cigarettes” is also a kind of stationery?


There are news reports, a few days ago, many stationery stores sell toys like cigarettes, and you can spit the smoke out after a whiff of cigarette. There are many school student smoked properly after buying this e-cigarette. According to information, what the students bought is a fruit taste electronic cigarettes, it has similar appearance to real cigarette, you could also spit smoke ring out. And the most consumers of this product is just these school students. However, children have strong imitate ability, but lack of right and wrong sense. To imitate smoke like adults is not it guiding students to smoke the real cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes are sold in stationery store, but are they stationery?


What about the “Curse cards”?


We knew from network information, there are some stationery stores sell “Curse cards”, and some parents are worried that it would affect the child personality and psychological health growth.


These curse cards are printed with cartoon pattern and displayed on shelf as samples. “I curse XXX has nightmare!” “I curse XXX fails the test!” The store boss said, per 20pieces cards are packed in one paper box, each card has different content, and every box sold for 1rmb. The reporter pick up a box randomly, saw each card is printed “I curse XXX would…...” ellipsis can be filled out freely according to their wishes.


Some parents said, although it is a small joke between children, but the children should avoid having too exposure to this sort of thing, they should grow under the atmosphere with love and tolerance. Playing these curse cards would make children infected with bad mood and affect their personality development.


The stationery stores sell stationeries like laser pen, electronic cigarettes, curse cards and other series stationery or toys which are bad for school students’ growth, and the children always can’t help themselves to play. For the supervise, in addition to improve the sales of this commodity standards, the students’ parents should give correct guidance for children.


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