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It needs to have a sure aim and change constantly for stationery enterprise to develop

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-20

It needs to have a sure aim and change constantly for stationery enterprise to develop, this is not contradictory, but a way of living. As we all know, the market consumption demand changed as domestic stationery market competition is intensifying. Once the market demand changes, if stationery enterprise can’t respond effectively, it would easy to walk into the dilemma of development, so enterprises should be flexible in the development process.


To innovate the product technology and expand sales channel.


Stationery as FMCG,, it is very important to manage sales channel. At present, in terms of sales channels, stationery companies is still given priority to regional advantages. A brand has a certain advantage in some area, the dealers are mainly marketing in the form of store sales.


To follow the brand development path diligently.


Stationery market capacity is limited. No matter how wonderful the promotion is and how low the price is, consumers secondary buying opportunities are small. Brand has strict price policy, we can’t inflict demand of brand just because short-term interests. In fact, we don’t go with flow and don’t be free to join price war, but we can set a good brand image in consumers’ mind. Consumers don’t know too much about stationery, so they rely on brand. Brand is a whole value, consumers focus on details; it needs only one successful promotion will leave a good impression to consumers.


To develop the e-commerce pattern


However, for the e-commerce pattern, it should not only rely on low price on line to attract consumers, but also should rely on brand’s uniqueness, that is to gain more market resources through scientific management and high-quality offline service. In addition, stationery enterprises must improve product technology content continuously and improve level of each product and value-added. Such as to develop new high-end products to meet market demand at domestic and abroad, to lay a good foundation to get into international high-end market.


There are many brands on the market, doesn’t have positioning issue about brand core value, and the corresponding marketing strategy is often affected by the objectives and deviating from the pursuit of the core value. Therefore, when domestic stationery enterprises position the brand development road, they should follow the principle of theme stayed same, and let the brand as symbol of the enterprise and cultivate the consumer loyalty.


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