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Stationery management shares: There are four keys affecting stationery store business

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-11

There are many things to learn if you want to run a stationery store well. LPS stationery also shares many skills to stationery stores owners, and you can check on LPS official website to find some secret of success news. What do you think is the most important key? LPS here to summarize for you:


Key one: The location of stationery store


Whether the store location is superior will relates to the store business, just like other retail stores, the key is “location, location, then location”. The influence to location of culture goods business is ineffable. Of course, before you open a stationery store, it should also have a market research for the local population, culture, consumption habits, income, etc. All of all should base on a good market research.


Key two: The atmosphere of stationery store


The business competition has entered a large commercial era. Many merchants try to make every detail different to promote sales, especially in stationery stores, not only to pay attention on the store design, showcase modeling, also should focus on the clothing display. A unique personality would help to attract consumers’ attention.


Key three: The advertisement publicity of stationery store


As the old saying, “tasty wine is not afraid of deep alley” now turns to “tasty wine is also afraid of deep alley”. Now it is the society of information, people receive lots of information from TV, newspaper, Internet, oral message every day. If you want to make people receive and remember the message came from you, it should be planned carefully. An ordinary corny advertising would be weed out easily, so don’t make meaningless advertisement.


Key four: The reputation transmission of stationery store


Word-of-mouth marketing is the process of using the concept of word-of-mouth for marketing, namely attract consumers spontaneous publicity of the media and the public, make them talk actively about your brand or stationery products and service. The word-of-mouth transmission has an inconvenient effect for the credibility of the information and persuasive. It is the effect that other media can’t compare with, so it is a very important sales strategy. The good reputation is not only a glory for stationery store, is also a kind of high efficiency and low cost of marketing. Now because of the development of Internet, it is the good chance for enterprise to show affinity while enterprise advertises their brands and uses Internet to interact with customers.


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