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Stationery enterprises should lower their heads and learn how to seize the mobile marketing

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-18

The development of smart phones, let more and more people became crowd called “look down at the screen”, and this crowd became stronger and stronger. No matter where they go or what they are doing, they are always holding a mobile phone, even when they are walking in the street; they are still staring eyes at the screen. Today, this crowd has the trend of widening in all over the world. Stationery enterprises should have foresight and sagacity; deploy the marketing on mobile terminal (MT) actively.


Grasp the needs of consumers timely


In the past 2014, the stationery enterprise update and transformation became confused because of national industrial policy and macro economy. No matter for the product innovation, brand building or the channel development, etc., they all have been put on agenda, many enterprises have get something good during the process, but there are also many enterprises leaving away in this tide of change and losing their real direction in a series of melee.


Whenever, consumer is always the first in the market, especially in the confusion of the stationery enterprise, they should know all the construction, transformation, and explore action are in order to obtain the recognition of consumers. Maybe ten years ago, people’s consumption demand isn’t so complicated and high-end like today, but after ten years, consumer demands for life changed on environmental protection, personality or intelligence. For stationery enterprise, only try to grasp the real needs of consumers timely, can keep up with the change of consumer demand to achieve sustained profitability.


Stride forward to the phubbing and seize the mobile market


The Internet baptisms the world constantly, when it brings people a good enjoying, it also inspires a lot of consumption, particularly in the rapid development of MT. At the same time as stationery enterprises gets developed, don’t you forget, the phubbing has “true love” on their mobile phone.


For stationery industry, consumer community is the focal point; the hugest user group on MT must be the marketing focus every enterprise can’t give up. Stationery enterprise show the new online activity or product information with illustrated through the MT, in order to attract users demand, and stimulate the purchase desire. But the premise is that the software application is mature enough to attract consumers’ attention.


Purchase faster and easier on MT


For stationery consumption, it can bring more convenience to purchase quickly on Internet. And the development of mobile phone can maximize this kind of convenience. People no longer even need to open a computer to the network shopping, as long as to bow on the cell phone, they can complete the network shopping. It became a advance direction for enterprise to create a more convenient consumption pattern.


In general, at the age of the Internet, people become more and more “lazy”, only the stationery enterprises understand the consumption need in time and make full use for MT marketing, it can win the market as much as possible.


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