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Student stationery suppliers pay attention to the profit more that quality

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-10-06


With the heating competition between student statinery, there are more and more stationery suppliers gave up the basic positioning principle, redued the standard and price, it is accelerate the stationery industry survival crisis.
The insider  analysised that: "the fundamental cause of the vicious circle is because of most of stationery suppliers with blindly position, poor anti-risk, their lost the way in the face of adversity." A wrong decision would make the enterprises lost the development.
Product homogeneity,pay attention to the profit more that quality
Most of stationery manufacturers do the copy from some big brander such as products,sales model,price system,material technology and the standard.So,there are so many homogeneity in products and sales model.On the other hand,some of them save costs to sek development,they without technology standards, they cope the appearace and structure and without technical support, quality control system.So that there are much problems about quality.
Production separate with sales
Due to the particularity of stationery products, most of small stationery enterprises have failed in the market development.The marke  in the development period, there are the single purchase structure for the model wihich prdocution according to the sales,so that the production always keep the upper hand.Most of stationery facories are no penetration the growth rule of stationery.They take the  conventional growth as the only standard, and development according.So that it is cuased the serious disconnect between sales and production in the long term.]
Lock of quality management consciousness 
Most of stationery enterprises have lock of the system and standard of quality,even no the most basic professional quality inspection.All the quality standards are rely on the assessment of experienced workers.The proudction worker also became the verifier for stationery proudcts.In order to to avoid quality responsibility,the quality always control in no fixed formula.
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