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Homogenized competition let R&D in stationery feeling tired

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-17


        Homogenized competition refers to the different brands of the same series products, on aspect of  the appearance design, physical and chemical properties,the use value, packaging, marketing and service,they imitate each other, so that the technical content of products and  the use value gradually become almost the same .


        With the increasing and uncertain factors of the competition in stationery market ,  international and domestic  competition between companies makes the speed of  imitating become faster.So,there exist the product homogeneity, spreading homogeneity, marketing homogeneity and also the consumer  homogeneity  .This situation also hit many stationery enterprises which insist on research and development , although they know that research and development design is the important way of sustainable development, but the profit is divided and due to the  imperfect regulation , this part of the enterprise feeling tired!


        Factors which  cause homogeneity of stationery  is a lot .Lack of creative talents, for instance,or insufficient creativity and  imagination of existing talent, and the  lack of protection of intellectual property rights make the  imitation  rampant.Competition is intense, so that the production flow of cultural products  is hard to coordinate, this often prone to imitate, copy each other,who want to be homogeneous is difficult  .So much  weak and can not get out of the market  make the stationery industry difficult to get out of the homogeneity, and this also the important reasons for even low-quality and vulgarization .


        To take out of the homogeneity, low-quality and vulgarization , in addition to calling for creators, producers to further forging lofty thoughts,get core value , and to improve the innovation ability, and the most fundamental is to change the industrial structure, to break the legacy of the regional division, industry division, ownership segmentation, etc, to integrate resources through the market ,to  form a complete industrial chain, and to become the resources complementary advantages of integrated large-scale cultural enterprises.These big companies can be under the guidance of government policies, complete and focus the adjustment in the market  , effectively make  the  product supply and demand balance , restrain the occurrence of vicious competition.In this way, not only provide enough space for innovation, and also can protect innovation, make innovation have institutional guarantee and support, to encourage more creative, production maker and  creative entrepreneurs create actively , and enrich the cultural product lines, to create more and more products, brands and businesses which with different culture characteristics .


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