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Stationery industry transforms and it shifts from the made in China to created in China.

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-09

China as the world’s largest stationery production and export base in the world, there are more than 100,000 stationery enterprise in china stationery industry, among them, there are about 43,000 manufacturers, about 30,000 suppliers and about 30,000 retail terminals. Few enterprise has sales of more than 1 billion, and the number of the enterprises which have sales of above 50 billion is 5, and the ones with sales of above 10 million is about 5%, the ones with certain scale is about 10%. The 43,000 stationery enterprises in China, 70% are located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu.


After the world economic crisis and the European debt crisis, the Europe and America’s economic is insufficient in the market, and the foreign trade province –Guangdong has thus down to the valley, and the depth of the March down to 38.7%, till June, Guangdong import and export trend grows since December, 2013, after 6 consecutive months of year-on-year declines of momentum. Guangdong stationery industry also affected. For the 2014 Canton fair (Spring Edition), the exhibitors reflect that the foreign purchase intention is not enough, generally reflect the foreign trade order is most small order and short lead time orders. Combined with domestic labor wages continue to rise, stationery of labor-intensive enterprises caused very big operating pressure.


With the economic globalization trend intensifies and the competition between countries and enterprise becomes fierce, the core technology is the important chip to win. In order to make the economy to develop better and faster, it needs the support of the capability of independent innovation. In the face of the weak market demand, stationery enterprises recruited and step up efforts in transformation and upgrading, innovates products to attract consumers to stimulate the market demand. On the other hand, the processing trade enterprises transform actively from the simple processing to buying processing and assembling trade. Custom export data shows: in 2014, in Guangdong stationery processing trade export, the constituents of the feed processing trade grew by 15.7%, while processing assembly fell sharply 31.8%.To own brand export of general trade, from 2010 accounted for 28.2% to 37.04%. It shows that Guangdong stationery manufacturing is steadily transform and upgrades from made in China to create in china. 


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