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Stationery products are upgrading very fast

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-05-08

In recent years, with the stationery industry competition intensifying, more and more stationery manufacturers constantly launch new products to get more consumers attention in the stationery market. While the upgrading process of stationery products, there also are old products being eliminated. In addition to those fashionable and changeable stationery products, there are many stationery kinds are replaced with new varieties.


Sales of correction tape is better than correction fluid


Either a corner store or a supermarket, sales correction products in the stalls, nowadays the variety of correction tape is always more than correction fluid. Correction tape is not only have a larger number than correction fluid, also has a better design and modeling than correction fluid. Although it still exists in the market, not as popular as correction tape. Compared with correction fluid, correction tape is easier to use with more convenient, also relatively more secure and healthy. So in a growing number of students and parents choose to buy correction tape.


Neutral pen replaces the pens to be the market popular


Neutral pen is more popular for consumers because of the cheap price and convenient use. There is feedback from students, they are asked to use pen to do their homework, but during the homework process, the blur, dirty ink would appear, so some students refused to use pen.


Pen is gradually replaced by the neutral pen, the main reason is that pen is not convenient to carry and the ink is not easy to change if it is run out of. Another reason is that the pen style is too single; the neutral pen is more popular by students because of the multitudinous style and the easy usage.


We can see from that, the stationery products with much more convenient would replace the same category of products. The most urgent thing for stationery manufactures to seize consumers’ eyes is to provide consumers more convenient stationery products, and that is the key.


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