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No moral integrity Mosaic correction tape popular is fashionable online, stationery innovation should match right.

Writer:lps-stationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-04-16

Recently, there is a duangduang Mosaic ethos popular on Internet—Japan New Mosaic correction tape, no need to code manually, you just need to pull gently, a normal picture would become R18 immediately, net friends call it frenzied, but seems this “evil” Mosaic correction tape is loved by many consumers. All in all, the good products are the ones meet consumers’ interest.


In this coessential stationery market, the product innovation should be “different”, in order to attract consumers’ attention. As we all know, there is no factory can live with only one product, only with the continuous product design innovation, factory can enhance the image of stationery manufacturers in consumers’ mind, in order to enhance brand awareness, this requires the stationery manufacturers should close tightly to the domestic consumer consciousness and strong ability to capture the market hot spots. In addition, if stationery companies want to stay ahead of the market, they must to establish continuous technology research and development advantages on new technology, new products, new materials, etc. This needs enterprise to have long and liberal reserve and professional talent team. From the industry chain perspective, the stationery products have been mature gradually, the characteristics of stationery products should be exploited in the future innovation.


About stationery products innovation, in addition to know and absorb the market popular element and pay attention to the characteristics of the enterprises technology and prevent others’ copying, but also need to enhance the protection work about the research and development of enterprise. LPS knows how important the product patent means to protect the product creation, they should keep enhancing the patent application of product protection. So far, there have been many stationery products have independent patent. Hoping the in the future, it could strengthen and improve the product patent protection.


Whether it is product innovation or industry development innovation, the ultimate goal is to attract consumers’ attention and increase sales. The idea which is so closed to consumers is necessary for following the trend. During the development process, we should pay more attention to the information transfer while working hard. Only to capture the consumers’ demand, can produce customers’ satisfied products.


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